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The War Room

LIVE in The War Room ? a trading recommendation portal led by tacticians Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla ? you?ll get blistering-fast trade recommendations on a daily basis, enabling you to jump into big profit opportunities while you build invaluable trading skills. In addition to these recommendations, you will receive premium reports, informative videos and a weekly recap on War Room action with potential trades you can still take advantage of. Read more ?

Meet the Experts

Bryan Bottarelli
Bryan Bottarelli
Head Trade Tactician
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Karim Rahemtulla
Karim Rahemtulla
Head Fundamental Tactician
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What The War Room Troops Have To Say

“I?ve made twice my salary in the last two weeks… kinda hard not to consider The War Room. And I?m still a beginner who is learning…”

– Bill L.

“The process of learning options trading has really opened my eyes. We’re not making money on the growth of a company, we’re making money on the movement and liquidity of its stock. Money is ALWAYS flowing, regardless of the up, down or stagnant nature of the market at that moment. I’ve learned so much, and continue to learn more. Thanks to this community, big-time.”

– Bob K.

“Wow what a service!! I just made $6,300 on my first day! I’ve already paid off my LIFETIME subscription!!!”

– Mike Q

“Bryan, I watched your presentation on May 8 and signed up. I started trading the next day. I am a not an experienced trader. I’ve been doing the best I can following your guidance. In the past two weeks, my average buy was $1,200 on 20 trades, and average profit was $220, including loses. In total, I’m up $4,402 in two weeks! I don?t know if that’s big for some but it is for me. I had 5 losers, but 15 winners! I am a happy camper, THANK YOU! I am getting better by following your training and direction. You and Karim are total winners. I love it!”

– Will S.
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